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First of all, we would like to say thank you for visiting and being our readers. It’s been awesome to have you guys here. Thank you for the inputs and your lovely supports. As much as we want to, unfortunately we don’t have much time to update this blog anymore. But the good news is, you can still follow us on our blog on: or follow Mariza on or Twitter @iamMariza

So, there you go… come visit us on our new blog. Once again, thank you for everything!


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The Baduy: Guardians of the Sacred Forest by Irfan Kortschak

Contributor: Irfan Kortschak| Jakarta | Feb 2010

The Baduy: The First People

“The mountains may not be destroyed, the valleys may not be damaged,

What is long may not be cut short, what is short may not be lengthened,

We must remain faithful to the ways of our ancestors.” – Traditional Baduy verse

For tourists, journalists, and anthropologists alike, the very idea of a people who live deep in the forest, excluding all outsiders, has a powerful fascination. A ‘Keep Out’ sign exerts an allure as powerful as the locked cupboard at the end of Bluebeard’s corridor, and for no better reason than that outsiders are not welcome. In our hearts, perhaps, each of us secretly believes we are special, and will be welcome at spectacles and events closed to ordinary mortals.

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BALI “Insel der Goetter” (BALI “Island of the Gods”) by Dominik and Vicky

Contributor: Vicky and Dominik| Bali | July 2009
This story is written in German (Austria). Click here to read it in English.

Am Flughafen in Bali angekommen, haben wir uns gleich mal unsere erste Million abgehoben (sind ca. 70 Euro)…

In Denpasar verbrachten wir unsere erste Nacht bei einem Couchsurfer (Leonid), der aus Russland ausgewandert ist…
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Thou Shall Not Leave Indonesia by Tom Plum

Contributor: Tom Plum| Jakarta | September 2008

Another immigration to pass, another story to tell. I left Jakarta’s Kelapa Gading around 6am, a beautiful hour to spin on the highway. A less beautiful hour after 3 days Bintang (read as verb). I thought I had enough money to spend for the taxi and airport tax. And most probably I would still have enough left to enjoy a delicious indo mochacino in the airport. Though… I didn’t see near future coming. I waited at the counter to receive the stamp on my passport and the officer looked a bit dubious at me, followed by a: “Mister, you overstayed.” Shrruugg. No, can’t be, I counted the days, I thought I stayed exactly 60 days. “Mister, the computer don’t lie”. After going through all days one by one together I forfeited. He was right, that computer..and that officer. I stayed 62 days instead of 60. Big Oops! Continue reading

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